Orthopedic Shoulder Support Brace

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Reduce discomfort

Mend wounds with compression and protection

Prevent injuries and facilitate recovery

Experience lightweight yet sturdy support



Shoulder injuries are common from zealous exercise, sports, and workouts. Unfortunately, they can take forever to heal if the proper action is not taken. Our Orthopedic Shoulder Support Brace is a must-have to shield and support shoulder strains and more from day one, so you can stimulate proper blood circulation and shield against painful movements for a faster and smoother recovery!



Soothing compression

Pain relief

Quicker recovery

Injury prevention



✔A dislocated shoulder

✔Rotator cuff injuries

✔AC joint injuries

✔Shoulder pain





✅SAFER & FASTER RECOVERY – Guard against further accidental strains and movements, all while promoting blood circulation.

✅STAY ACTIVE  – Exercise and workout like normal, all without increasing pain or discomfort.

✅BE COMFORTABLE – Our brace is light, breathable, and comfy. No overly stiff feel or overly-complicated straps. Put it on, adjust, and get going.

✅ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Stretchy material allows for easy adjustability for anyone.




Experience the necessary support for injuries, sprains, and dislocations with this built-for-comfort shoulder brace that applies the right compression and warmth to promote the body’s healing process. By reducing inflammation in joints, your level of pain is reduced.

With this helpful brace on, you won’t over-exert or further agitate any injury thanks to its ability to correct your posture and sense of proprioception (your natural sense of how your body is positioned), something that is usually weakened in those with dislocated shoulders.




Feel relief within minutes of having the brace on. Pain reduction will last longer with continued daily wear.

Our brace is safe and comfortable to wear while at home, work, outside – anywhere – so you can recover better faster, and be on with your life.

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Was having a significant amount of shoulder and arm pain, guessing it is from rotator cuff and AC Joint. I am a 58 yo male. I ordered 2 of these to try. I put it on and adjusted per the instructions. The pain subsided and I have acceptable range of motion without it hurting. Wearing it allows me to work outside with mowers and chain saws, etc. within reason. If you are (like me) a bit more "fluffy" than the models in the pictures, it does rub a bit at the neck and where the sleeve adjustments are. I wear it over a tee shirt and it helps. I bought two so I could have one on while the other is in the laundry. Vive health did a great job of getting the product to me as promised, and followed up. Thanks!


I injured myself a couple of weeks ago playing baseball. I may pulled on a muscle or a tendon in my shoulder. It seems to be getting better, but still uncomfortable when i raise my hand over my head. I ordered this brace, finally, and i put it on according to the directions that were given. I have to admit it fits me really well; it is adjustable. It provides this pinpoint pressure and thus helps alleviate tension and discomfort. I wear it throughout the day without any issues. And you can also fit some ice or a warm pad under it for placement. Anyway, I hope my information was helpful to you. Thank you.


This product was purchased for my boyfriend who dislocated his shoulder while in the hospital after suffering a massive stroke. His left arm was paralyzed and basically just hanging. I would definitely recommend using this product immediately for someone who has suffered a stroke or arm paralysis even before their shoulder is dislocated unless their doctor advises otherwise. I believe it would have, at minimum, prevented the severity of his shoulder injury. None of the medical professionals recommended purchasing a support product like this but when they saw him wearing it to therapy said that it was great that he had it. I think it would have been great if they had recommended it to begin with.


I am a fitness loving mom and recently injured my shoulder. I researched all the braces on the Net and this one seemed best to suit my needs. It’s not too bulky and I feel like I can wear it comfortably under normal clothes. It also helps me maintain proper range of motion which is really important t for my active lifestyle. I’d recommend this is you’re injuredor just need a little extra support In your shoulder area.


I train Dobermans, and needless to say, over the years all the pulling from these dogs has taken a toll on my rotator cuffs. This brace has really helped. I wore it for a couple of days and everything has stopped hurting. I'm sure I will do something to bring back the pain, but this really helped immediately. My only complaint is that it is so bulky and hard to wear under clothes, and I know it will be way too hot to wear this summer in the Mississippi heat. I would highly recommend it.


With fibro my shoulders and shoulder blade areas get very painful, I wore this shoulder support while I planted some garlic bulbs and I never got any pain in shoulder areas at all. I was amazed because every arm activity flares pain in shoulders. Wish I would have had leg and butt supports to prevent the extremely painful leg and butt muscles I had for 3 days from planting that garlic, lol.


I have a rotator cuff injury due to sports and this has been very helpful. Unlike another comment, I found this very comfortable for females. I also think it is extremely well constructed and durable for everyday use.


I have rotator cuff problems due to a dislocated shoulder years ago. I like to lift weights in my older years. I was having shoulder trouble and couldn't do dumbell curls and had trouble with bench presses. This item has allowed me to do both. And my shoulder is getting better as well. Great product!


I was able to use my arm while the brace supported my shoulder. I believe it really helped me to start to recover more quickly. I'm a small person and I was able to adjust it down to my size. Very pleased and would recommend it.


This is a comfortable solution to a shoulder brace. I am a builder of many things and use my upper body all day long. I have worked in the brace for several weeks now and it has helped my range and mobility. It also works great for when I ice the shoulder at night. Thanks for making a great product.


I purchased this brace for my husband, who has a problem with his shoulder as a professional driver. The quality of the brace is good and I can definitely say that it works well. After one week wearing it my husband got rid of the pain in his shoulder. He keeps wearing it during his day, saying that he feels more secure with it. Thank you very much.


10X better than I expected. Many, many possible adjustments. This has helped a shoulder injury immensely. Don't take this wrong, but this brace somewhat limits rotation. The limit is what I needed to keep from antagonizing the injury. You can make this as loose or tight as your want, including the sleeve part.


Quality fabric and stitching. Comfortable design and love all the adjustable points that allow you to find your perfect fit. Most important- my shoulder feels supported and that keeps it from tiring out too quickly. Doesn’t limit movement or arm rotation during exercises.


I have bursitis in my right shoulder and experience pain whenever i go golfing. It's coming time where I'm going to start playing again, physiotherapy never really help. I've seen a lot better results from this brace in a short amount of time.


I've hurt my shoulder at work and I was in pain for months. I saw this and gave it a try. It works wonderfully. Very high quality and made out of good durable material. It is very easy and and simple to use as well. I've been using it for almost a month now and it maintains its shape. It's breathable material is so comfy and it stays very secure.


Took me a minute to figure out how to put this on but once I did, I really like the support I get. I sleep on my arm/shoulder and sometimes that causes my shoulder to hyperextend. This brace provides support and a comfortable feeling throughout the day. Thanks for a great product!


I tore my rotator cuff and have been in a lot of pain. This brace fits very well and I wear it all night. It is the only way I am able to get some sleep.


I use this to help me be more active even with residual shoulder pain following a torn AC ligament


This shoulder brace makes my workout feel totally different & now I'm way more comfortable than before.


The quality of the product was good.The shipment was faster than I expected, I thought it would take about a month but it didn't.


bought by a friend's reccommendation, it's just like i expected!


Never hesistated to buy online for such an attractive price from a trustworthy seller


reviews confirm it’s a great item sold in a reputable store


I can surely say it’s the best price for for both online and offline stores


With or without any discount, is a top quality must-have

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