Spiked Peanut Shaped Yoga Ball

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Surfing online and searching for the best Peanut Ball? Look no further!

Our shop gives you a top seller in the Workout niche of online items.

What’s so special about buying from us?

  • Superior quality with the highest craftsmanship and style
  • Design and selection found nowhere else
  • Extensive shipping options (all worldwide)

Yes, that’s exactly what you get when you shop with us. Therefore, don’t lose a chance to buy a high-quality product at a reasonable price!


Are there more options?
You can see all the available product options in the product description, so ADD TO CART whichever Peanut Ball you prefer.

Does your supplier use any toxic materials during the Massage Ball production?
To create the Peanut Ball, we’re specifically using only the materials of top quality. So toxic and dangerous materials are out of question.

How much do I pay for it?
We’re glad you’re interested. The price is US $15.00.

Does the price include taxes?
Depending on your location, there might be taxes applied to your purchase. You will be able to see the final cost of your order on the checkout page. Therefore, after you’ve confirmed the order, you are not supposed to pay additional money.

Do I violate any law if I post a picture of my purchase on Instagram?
Dear client, we absolutely don’t mind you posting your photos with our products. Moreover, we’ll highly appreciate it.

Can I get my money back if I’m not happy with my Massage Ball?
Check the media files to carefully examine the product before purchasing it. However, if you’re still not happy with your Yoga Ball, you can ask for a refund.


When I order online, the product sometimes arrives damaged. Are you sure my Massage Ball will survive the transportation?
We treat proper product packaging as our top priority because we understand how important it is for customers all over the globe to receive their purchases in perfect condition.

Can you provide the delivery to somewhere other than my place of residence?
We will send the product to any address you want, so you are free to indicate any location you want.

I think I’ve messed up something in my order. How can I sort it out?
We have a support team to solve the problems like this one. So, feel free to contact our support managers, and they will help you to change or cancel your order.

How can I get help with my Yoga Ball purchase?
You are more than welcome to contact our support team through any of the contact channels listed at the bottom of the page.

Why is it better to buy this from you?
We cherish our reputation and want our clients to keep coming back. Therefore, we don’t deceive customers and cash in on them. We don’t inflate our prices and don’t sell items of poor quality.

Can’t I simply buy the Massage Ball offline?
It might be challenging to find a completely identical product in a regular store. Even if you do, the price will certainly be higher than on our website.

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It was awesome to get online on such favorable terms


Even when it's not discounted, represents the perfect value for money


Very very fast shipping!))


quite satisfied, thanks


as seen from reviews on , it is a truly great item. can't wait to get it delivered and see myself :-)


nice :-)


super ! not that expensive but the quality really good!


reviews confirm it's a great item sold in a reputable store


really happy with the , recommend this store!


corresponds 100% to the description. thanks!


It's safe to say it's the cheapest online. The store is my hero!


quite a high quality for such a humble price


Good product, nice and safe delivery


Everything is fine, delivery fast, quality on top


Everything perfect

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